Reduce your legal expenses — use Legal Interim Management

Interim management is already very popular in the US, the United Kingdom and the Benelux States. Countries with very stringent labour law regulations like Germany have realized the benefits of interim management as opposed to permanent employees: interim managers can be deployed almost instantly; the contract is limited and can be terminated at short notice without any severance payment and costs are calculated on an hourly or daily basis without any additional personnel costs.

Having worked as sole in-house legal counsel for the past 20 years for companies of various sizes and industry sectors I found that it was almost impossible to find an experienced German lawyer who was available to work on-site as stand-in during my vacation or to help me respond to the increasing number of complex projects and additional tasks. Law offices could offer support but external lawyers very often lack the hands-on experience of internal structures and therefore work like a traditional consultant rather than acting as part of the team. Also my budget could often not accommodate the billing rates of external law firms.

cs Legal Services offers an alternative.

In-house legal assistance matched with an understanding of business imperatives, provided by an experienced corporate counsel. Due to the lack of overhead costs for offices or salaries I can offer attractive hourly or daily rates.

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